About Us

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    Sudhaandcompany offers a broad array of financial consulting services and has deep expertise in key industries, helping its clients dig into their issues, explore the opportunities they have, and define outcomes in economic and stakeholder terms that help drive their business forward and deliver results.

  • It has the experience to help finance functions operate as effective business partners. The increasing complexity and ever evolving nature of today’s business environment are challenges faced by managements to remain in the growth path. The path of globalization of business models requires increased regulatory and strategic insight, which is where Sudha has been most effective. We understand that the best finance functions use the good times to ensure their organizations survive the tough times.
An effective finance function needs to play a central role in the wider organization. That role should go beyond just reporting the numbers and should use the function’s skills to be a powerful strategic adviser to the whole business.

We understand that each organization is unique and we have the experience and capability to cater to the vastly differing needs of each organization. Our strength is the ability to effectively work with clients from the start-up to the maturity and consolidation stages for SMEs as well as Large Corporates.
Our work ethics, behavioral integrity and passion for excellence are some endearing qualities that have enabled us to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients. We can thus confidently assert our ability to serve our clients with ever-greater efficiency and set superior professional standards for ourselves and the industry in general